As the highly contagious Omicron coronavirus variant continues to spread, CNN's Randi Kaye takes a look at which type of mask offers the most protection against Covid-19. Content Exchange

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I strongly recommend that all who do not already have surgical N95 respirators go to shop dot projectn95 dot org and buy surgical N95 respirators. They are a non-profit and do not make any money off your purchase. They thoroughly vet all sources. In fact at this point, they get nearly all products directly from the manufacturer. I am not affiliated with the organization. They are the only source I know of that you can truly rely on for getting surgical N95 respirators that are not counterfeit. If I were you, I would not trust any other source offering surgical N95 respirators that are not counterfeit or fraudulent. Keep in mind surgical N95 respirators are single-use items. Do not reuse surgical N95 respirators. Please plan your purchase quantity accordingly.

There is an abundance of non-3M surgical N95 respirators at this point. There is no shortage. Many are extremely affordable such as shop dot projectn95 dot org/aci-surgical-n95-respirators-3120-box-of-50-/p for 58 cents per surgical N95 respirator.

For students too young to fit a surgical N95 respirator, the best option is shop dot projectn95 dot org/children-s-sized-white-kn95-sm-respirator-mask-10-count-bona-fide-masks/p for $1.05/child KN95.

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