Severe weather, tornadoes possible Friday night, into Saturday


Severe weather with the possibility of tornado activity is expected in Kilgore beginning tonight and lasting into tomorrow.

Information from the Weather Channel website indicates thunderstorms will be possible locally by 10 p.m. and the site describes a weather formation moving through the southern U.S. as “a squall line with damaging winds.”

Tornadoes may occur Friday night into Saturday. Heavy rain, strong winds and flash flooding are also possible.

Kilgore Police Department posted a warning on the Facebook page Friday morning: “Please take the storm risk for tomorrow seriously, make preparations now to have a safe place to be tomorrow afternoon when the storms intensify. As always, we ask for everyone to stay indoors and avoid travel during the severe weather.”

The post also indicates Kilgore, Tyler and Longview fall into an area of “enhanced risk” but the “moderate risk” area, the next level up in severity, is located just to the east. Information from the National Weather Service indicates a significant weather event appears likely Saturday which could peak during the afternoon hours.

The severe weather event could include significant, long-track tornadoes, golf-ball size hail, winds in excess of 60 mph and flash flooding.

In the event of a tornado, the National Weather Service recommends taking cover in a designated shelter, basement or safe room. The next best option is a small, windowless room or hallway on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. Trying to drive in severe weather is strongly discouraged but, if you're caught out in the midst of a tornado or severe storm, seeking shelter under a bridge, overpass or tree could be dangerous. Instead, seek shelter in a sturdy building as soon as possible.


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