I wasn’t going to do this – I was trying to keep an optimistic view that this coronavirus pandemic that’s paralyzed the world would have a relatively quick solution and that we’d all get back to normal, even if by May.

I still hold on to that view, but realistically, if high school sports do return, it’s going to have to be under a limited time frame in order to get things done and then get to graduation.

So I’m adopting something that my fellow local sportswriters are doing. I’m going to ask that any high school senior athlete in the Kilgore News Herald’s coverage area – Kilgore, Sabine, West Rusk, Overton, and Leverett’s Chapel – whose season is currently ongoing and who’d like to be spotlighted, to fill out this questionnaire. It’s very similar to the one Longview News-Journal sports editor, my buddy Jack Stallard, is running.

The idea is simply this: fill out this questionnaire, put your cell number on it so I can contact you, e-mail me the information, and I’ll do a spotlight. It’s that simple. I know I’d want someone to do this if one of my three children was a senior right now.

My e-mail address is mlucas@kilgorenewsherald.com.

So even though I’m still optimistic that tennis, baseball, softball, soccer and track will get to come back and finish, I’m saying let’s feature people in the meantime.

Here’s the questionnaire.



Cell phone/ contact number:


Parents names:


Sports you play:

Favorite high school sports memory:

Plans after high school:

If college, what schools are you considering, and what do you plan to major in?

Who are your role models?

Which coaches have had the most influence on you? Why?

What will you miss most about high school sports?


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