The Leverett’s Chapel Lions have a unique opportunity, and it’s happened before.

Coach Andy Bates’ Lions, competing in UIL six-man football, actually had an open date the final weekend of the regular season, last Friday.

LC had already qualified for the six-man playoffs, and needed a for-sure opponent. They’ve got one. The Lions (6-2) will face Saint Jo (8-1) on Thursday night, at 7 p.m., at Savoy.

The Lions last played two weeks ago, a 48-0 beat-down of Campbell.

Demarion Brown had two catches for 18 yards, both touchdowns, and on defense, had four tackles, a fumble recovery and an interception.

DeQuincy Brown had three tackles and an interception, and Darren had nine tackles, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery, and on offense, a 25-yard run.

Also for LC, Jonah Shepherd had a 60-yard kickoff return for a score, ran for two touchdowns and 44 total yards, had a catch for 6 yards and was 1-of-3 passing, for a touchdown. Defensively, he had seven tackles.

Alexis Chavez had three carries for 40 yards and a score; he went 3-of-4 passing for 24 yards, and two touchdowns.

Saint Jo’s Panthers are actually quite strong. They won District 9-1A, Division I (LC finished second to Union Hill), and they’ve won four straight games.

The one thing these two teams have in common is that both of them lost to Union Hill, who’s had a very good six-man program the last half-decade.

The Panthers come off a 64-0 win over Perrin-White last Friday, and before that, it was a 63-0 win over Leadership Academy (Arlington). In fact, Saint Jo hasn’t allowed a single point in its last three games, and in four of its last six.

The LC-Saint Jo winner will advance to round two, to meet either Blum or Coolidge.


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