Well, well, well: Bill O’Brien, the general manager, has completely messed over Bill O’Brien the head coach.

Because of O’Brien not being able to resist trading one of the league’s best receivers, DeAndre Hopkins, to the Arizona Cardinals, and because of all the other trades made in the past, now the Texans are without A.) a big threat at receiver and B.) draft capital to go up and get personnel.

That means the Texans are going to have to really hit on the picks they’ve got. And with O’Brien making the selections, I’m not sure I’m all-in on that belief.

Right now, the Texans’ first pick of the 2020 draft is in round two, the 40{sup}th{/sup} overall pick. It gets worse: after that, they don’t pick again until pick number 90.

Now, who knows what players will really be available in the draft next weekend. But in my scenario, a lot of big-name talent is gone. Houston really has no choice but to stand pat. In that case, a couple of good receivers to keep an eye on – assuming they actually want to replace Hopkins with someone – would be Colorado’s LAVISKA SHENAULT, Arizona State’s BRANDON AIYUK, or Southern Cal’s MICHAEL PITTMAN.

Other positions of need for Houston are the interior of the offensive line, the defensive secondary, an edge rusher to help J.J. Watt, and ironically, they really still need a reliable running back. Unless David Johnson, whom the Texans got in return for Hopkins, has a big comeback, the Texans don’t look to have a game-breaker there. In my scenario, there were no running backs picked in the first round. That means players like LSU’s CLYDE EDWARDS-HELAIRE, Wisconsin’s JONATHAN TAYLOR, and Ohio State’s J.K. DOBBINS would still be on the board.

Secondary could be addressed with the underrated TREVON DIGGS, a safety from Alabama, or Clemson cornerback A.J. TERRELL.


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