Sabine High School powerlifters have regularly been in the state meet in recent years, and have brought home gold.

To do that, you have to be successful at a few meets along the way, and that’s what the Lady Cardinals and Cardinals did last week in Van, at the Van Invitational. Sabine’s girls won their division; the Cards finished second in theirs.

The Lady Cardinals had 33 points, and Crandall was second with 27. Lone Oak won the boys division with 46 points, and Sabine was second with 36.

Katie Stansberry of Sabine won her 114-pound weight class, doing a 200-pound squat, a 105 bench press and a 150-pound deadlift for a 455-pound total. Libby Thornburg won her 132-pound weight class for Sabine, a 585-pound total – she squatted 230, benched 135, and had a deadlift of 220.

Two Lady Cardinals – Erika Lowry and Mercedes Willett – finished 1-2 in the 198-pound class. Lowry won it, finishing with 915 pounds, total; she did a squat of 385, a bench of 200, and a deadlift of 330. Willett had a 225-pound squat, a 105-pound bench, and a 250-pound deadlft.

Tayla Calico of Sabine was second in the 220-pound class. She did 730 pounds, total – 300 on the squat, 180 on the bench, and a deadlift of 250.

In the boys, B.J. Stidham, himself a former state champion, won the 123-pound class: 425 on the squat, 225 on the bench and a 475 deadlift for a 1,125-pound total. Kile Stripland of the Cardinals had a 335-pound squat, a 230-pound bench and a 300-pound deadlift, for 865-pound total, to finish second in the 132-pound class.

Coltin Reed of Sabine competed in the 220-pound class and won it, going for 1,145 total pounds: 450 on the squat, 295 on the bench and a 400-pound deadlift. And Tristan Green was second in the super heavyweight division. Green had a total of 1,365-pound total: 500 on the squat, 385 on the bench and a 480-pound deadlift.

Sabine’s home meet, the Bo Bates Invitational, is Saturday, Feb. 8, an 8 a.m. start.


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