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Josh Pollick (above) watches his tee shot during the ninth annual Mudbug Classic last weekend at Meadowbrook Golf and Event Center.

The “quiet little springtime crawfish tournament” at Meadowbrook Golf and Event Center is already nine, and it’s only gotten bigger each year.

The three-man-team ninth annual Mudbug Classic was played over the weekend at Meadowbrook, and about 44 golfers did battle for two days, enjoying a crawfish dinner on Friday night.

In the end, it was Will Griffin, Sam Fidone and Wesley McClain taking home the win on the championship flight, shooting a 36-under-par 107 (55 on the first day, 52 on the second).

Hagan Wood, Jason Fiscus and former Meadowbrook Classic champion Stetson McMillan came in second on the title flight (a two-day 111), and Blake Berry, Jax Johnson and Jake Johnson were third (114).

The first flight champs were Andy Ferguson, Brett McAlee and Ken Sampson, who shot a two-day 119. Daniel Nichols, Daniel Pepper and Lake Juban were second (122) and Tiger Stovall, Cody Abbott, and Sheldon Harbour were third (123).

Winners of the second flight were Josh Caraway, Dillion Swain and Steve Swain, with a two-day 123. Second flight second-place went to the team of Chris Vallery, Ricky Meeks and Jason Bachman (127) , who won a tiebreaker over eventual third-place team Isaiah Goforth, Rob Walker and Jason Bogenschutz (127).

Claiming the third flight title were Robert Nichols, Craig Barnes and Kyle Shipp, with a two-day 120. John Patterson, Jay Tidwell and Taylor Tidwell were second (121), and third place was a tie, with the teams of Greg Holmes, Jim Sawyer and Josh Pollick and then Kyle Verner, Heath Mills and Justin Elrod each finishing with a 124.

Upcoming at Meadowbrook: the North Texas PGA kids, or junior, tour is coming back into town on Sunday, with 28 signed up, and then on June 13, the course will host a one-man scramble of 27 holes, with a 10 a.m. shotgun start. Call the pro shop to enter.

The big one – the Meadowbrook Classic, which dates back to 1937 – is set for the weekend of July 9-12.


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