Superlatives in this year's All-East Texas Volleyball Team goes to player of the year Kinsley Rivers of Beckville, newcomer of the year Addison Ridge of New Diana and coach of the year Cherry Downs of Beckville.

Player of the Year, Kinsley Rivers, Beckville. Rivers, the lone senior on Beckville's state championship squad, finished the season with 544 kills, 448 digs, 81 blocks, 66 aces and 47 assists. She recorded nine kill and 12 digs in the Class 2A state semifinals against Crawford and added 14 kills and 21 digs in the championship match against Thrall.

Newcomer of the Year, Addison Ridge, New Diana. The District 15-3A Newcomer of the Year, Ridge finished the season with 269 kills, 368 digs, 361 assists, 109 aces and 10 blocks.

Coach of the year, Cherry Downs, Beckville. Downs led Beckville to its second state championship in the past four seasons, and continued to up the expectations of one of the best programs in the state. Beckville finished with a 47-3 record, and all three seasons came to ranked teams in higher classifications: Class 5A Lufkin twice and Class 4A Carthage once. Downs moved her career coaching record to 357-64, all at Beckville.

First team

Avery Morris, Beckville: 602 kills, 442 digs, 87 aces, 24 blocks, 20 assists for state champions ... District Offensive MVP

Amber Harris, Beckville: 313 kills, 361 digs, 244 assists, 90 aces, 51 blocks for state champions ... District Offensive MVP

Faith Kruebbe, Carthage: 505 kills, 450 digs, 130 assists, 70 aces, 45 blocks ... District MVP

Mia Traylor, Spring Hill: 955 assists, 115 kills, 301 digs, 50 aces ... District MVP Setter

Mahogani Wilson, Marshall: 347 kills, 71 blocks, 44 percent kill rate, 91 digs, 13 aces. District 15-5A Co-Offensive MVP ... District MVP Hitter

Lexi Baker, White Oak: 427 kills, 58 aces, 26 blocks, 304 digs ... District MVP

Summer Dancy-Vasquez, Tatum: 597 digs, 18 assists, 40 aces, 95.2 percent server ... District MVP

Jenci Seahorn, Harmony: 570 kills, 250 digs, 121 blocks, 68 aces ... District MVP

Second team

Ayden McDermott, Hallsville: 333 digs, 270 kills, 60 aces, 27 blocks, 5 assists

Carolann Bowles, Spring Hill: 389 kills, 63 aces, 163 digs, 31 blocks ... District MVP Hitter

Sophie Elliott, Beckville: 1,312 assists, 51 aces, 32 kills, 333 digs for state champs ... District MVP Setter

Makena Warren, Hawkins: 313 kills, 66 aces, 101 digs, 56 blocks ... District MVP

Brianna Converse, Longview: 243 kills, 92 digs, 19 aces

Carmen Chatman, Pine Tree: 390 digs, 69 kills, 36 aces, 92.8 percent server, 392 assists, 22 blocks

Mary Fenter, Overton: 434 kills, 30 blocks, 661 digs, 70 aces ... District MVP Hitter

Sadie Smith, Carthage: 850 assists, 345 digs, 85 kills, 50 blocks, 45 aces ... district MVP Setter

Third team

Piper Morton, West Rusk: 223 kills, 438 digs, 80 blocks, 62 aces, 25 assists

Isabella Emery, Marshall: 546 digs, 39 aces, 851 receptions with 51 errors, 11 assists, eight kills ... District Defensive MVP

Emma Hill, White Oak: 960 assists, 163 digs, 28 blocks, 82 aces, 85 kills ... District MVP Setter

Jordan Parker, East Texas Homeschool: 427 kills, 348 digs, 43 aces, 31 blocks, 38 assists

Cale Brown, Sabine: 259 kills, 20 aces, 90 percent server, 176 blocks ... District MVP Blocker

Taylor Helton, Henderson: 256 kills, 101 blocks, 77 aces, 69 digs ... District MVP Blocker

Abby Sorenson, Tatum: 1,008 assists, 54 kills, 247 digs, 55 aces, 95.6 percent server ... District MVP Setter

Lauren Pyle, Hallsville: 830 assists, 246 digs, 72 kills, 55 aces, 34 blocks

Honorable mention

Longview: Jakayla Morrow; Brayleigh Mitchell; Mariah Thompson; Amirah Alexander; Pine Tree: Jalen Scroggins; Tatum Cates; Jamaya Davis; Spring Hill: Janie Bradshaw; Hallsville: Brook Grissom; Macie Nelson; Kilgore: Maleah Thurmond; New Diana: Peyton Abernathy; Starrmia Dixon; Taylor Garrett; Mallory Rudd; Torri Ward; LiAnn James; Beckville: Laney Jones; White Oak: Anna Iske; Kaylee Wilkinson; Brazie Croft; Union Grove: Analeice Jones; Samantha Coleman; Gracie Winn; Brady Colby; Sydney Chamberlain; Carthage: Makhai Lewis; Jakyra Roberts; Mara Hodges; Taylnn Williams; Erin Dodge; Hughes Springs: Cori Johnson; Henderson: Taylor Lybrand; Ty'Esha Mosley; Camille Freeman; Mount Pleasant: Aziyah Farrier; Tatum: Kerrigan Biggs; Kaylei Stroud; Ore City: Jacee Burks; Josie Reynolds; Victoria Jones; West Rusk: Paulina Mata; Stormie LeJeune; Raylee Mosley; Sabine: Ella Roberts; Maddie Furrh; Riley Lux; Allye Gresham; ET Homeschool: Jaelyn Cleveland; Jenna Parker; Hawkins: Lynli Dacus; Tenley Conde; Trinity Hawkins; Jordyn Warren; Waskom: Alaina Dyson; LaDaija Thomas; Overton: Kaley McMillian; Big Sandy: Calle Minter; Longview Christian School: Julianne Feenstra.

Jack Stallard is the sports editor of the Longview News-Journal, a member of M. Roberts Media, along with the Kilgore News Herald and numerous other outlets.

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