I am writing about the Wall, and my take on it.

I am worried about the strain on our “ALREADY strained social welfare system where natural born and those who took the time to become American Citizens are being either cut back or unable to receive benefits that should be for them as Americans. If we continue to just let anyone come into the US of A, and start receiving food, medical and monetary assistance only strengthens what Margret Thatcher said “The problem with SOCIALISM is you eventually run out of other people's money. That said, since this nation is flushing or bagging embryos at a rate of 3700 PER DIEM, which on the bright side, is down 700 PER DIEM, in 1990. BUT WAIT “BATMAN, the new laws in New York and Virginia, do allow late term and also abortion at the start of delivery when deemed threating to the mother. So okay, who makes that call, since the vast majority of births are sedated most all of the time, unless mom is strictly against drugs, therefore showing SHE should be the one in any decision concerning her child, but since these laws do protect the mother, can she rally make a clear decision. Which, opens up the door to, is it Dad, the DR., or a so called social/welfare handbook containing certain things about any physical or mental problems the parents have shown, ethnicity, or if the child vehemently complains that they didn't want to be born even after being cooped up in Mom nine months. SORRY got off track, but 700 abortions PER DIEM, and new laws allowing more , should contain the growth of our population thus allowing more of those protesting at the border to gain entry. But, if you feel like America should take care of our elderly ,those that are sick(with no insurance), abused and hungry children, even a lot of our VETERANS, who truly need help . Think what they will lose.

Stupidity is laughing at the misfortune of others.

Ignorance is thinking it is all right to do so.

God Bless

Kit “ POPS Laird

Kilgore News Herald


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