Can you imagine going to school and not having your basic school supplies. Can you picture yourself as a pre-school student not having the box of crayons your needed to complete your task. Maybe you are in high school seeking your diploma with a need for notebook paper. I'm talking only the bare basic items. It's not a pretty picture. Most of you reading this have never faced the above situations. We all thank God that we have been blessed. The truth is that Kilgore now has a poverty rate of 68.42%. This is up from the previous year. Many students will face not having the basic needs when school starts. To most of us, that breaks our hearts. If you are one of the most, help us do something about it.

First Presbyterian Church asked First Baptist and First Christian to serve on a board to raise funds to help these young people. Last year the Christ the King Catholic Church joined the group. We are asking any church in Kilgore to join us. If you are an individual and have a passion for kids, we can use you. We raised $12,000 last year and helped 840 students. We ran out of supplies. Our goal is $15,000 and to serve 1000 future successful adults.

Because we can buy in bulk and actually control the items that are needed, we ask for monetary donations. Make them to First Presbyterian Church, P.O. Box 1216, Kilgore, Texas 75663-1216. Mark in memo, ‘school supplies'. We will start buying in July, so money needs to be in by June 30.

Have a blessed day,

Peggy Bowne,

2017 Kilgore First Lady

Kilgore News Herald


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