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LISD bond package

Lindale citizens,

My graduating class of 1961 had 38 students. The freshman class in 2021 will be 350-plus students. We had one campus for ALL students and in three years our high school alone will have 2,320-plus students with a dire need of additional classrooms, cafeteria space and facility improvements.

Many of us think of the high school as “the new high school’’ however, it is 26 years old. It just looks new because it is so well maintained. Most of our grade levels have over 300 students. The Lindale community is known for being supportive of our schools, which is a huge factor in the success of our students.

The character foundation of children begins at home. The teachers, staff and other students are the next major influences. Lindale ISD is known all over the state for its excellence and positive influence. As a principal for 16 years, one of my favorite questions to parents new to the community was “what brought you to Lindale?’’ Almost always the answer was “the schools.’’

High academic schools are a priority for many parents who desire to see their children succeed. Many have researched schools in East Texas and discovered our outstanding successes in UIL, band, choir, drama, athletics, FFA and art, only to name a few. We are the only “A’’ rated school in Smith County. Our elected school board has worked endlessly to oversee the administration of our school, being mindful of providing an excellent education for all students and a watchful eye over the finances for the taxpayer.

Over the past six years, the trustees have cut our taxes 9 ½ cents and after much discussion over the needs of our students, they see the importance of a 4-cent tax increase. Our successful schools are a positive influence on our community as a whole, therefore let us keep moving forward toward excellence and vote YES in support of our students and community.

Carolyn Todd

Lindale High School

Graduation Class, 1961

Dear Editor,

Please vote Yes!

As a former 13-year student, a parent of three current students, a longtime business owner and a lifetime resident of Lindale ISD, I ask all Lindale ISD residents to support the propose bond that has been called by the LISD Board of Trustees. Lindale ISD has consistently proven their academic worthiness and brought great recognition to our community. The propose additions will serve current and future students for decades to come. The children of Lindale ISD have done their part to deserve the academic and extracurricular additions called for in the bond. It’s our job as parents and taxpayers to make this happen.


Todd Lane

Dear Editor,

As a retired educator with 39 years’ experience in the field of education, I am privileged to be able to share my thoughts on the upcoming Lindale ISD bond election. First, it is obvious that our school board has done a tremendous job managing the school district.

All the programs are having tremendous success while the district is stronger financially than ever before. Every taxpayer in Lindale should be very appreciative that the school board has actually cut taxes 9 ½ cents in the last six years. For this school board to ask the community to support just a four-cent tax increase for needed facilities is certainly reasonable.

My family and I have witnessed the growth in Lindale. With this growth in the Lindale community, comes the need for additional classrooms and more cafeteria space for our students. Overcrowded passage ways through the halls is a safety concern for our high school. Lindale is the only “A’’ rated school in Smith County and known as one of the best school systems in Texas. All programs are top notch and something all of Lindale can be proud of.

From our award-winning band, outstanding athletic program to our back-to-back state champion academic teams, Lindale students always represent the Lindale community at the highest level.

As Lindale citizens how can we not support such a great school system? Everyone agrees that the Lindale schools are the main reason that people move to our community.

For citizens 65 and older and disabled, your taxes on your home will not increase one cent. Again, how can we not support a school board that has cut our taxes by 9 ½ cents in the past six years? Please join me as I vote YES to show appreciation and support our school board, school administration, teachers, staff and students of Lindale.

Please vote YES for the Lindale ISD bond election as a way of showing support in providing the best facilities for the outstanding students in Lindale.

Four cents make sense!

Vote Yes!

Don Poe,


Kilgore News Herald


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