A key element being overlooked in the ongoing debate on “Gun Control” is the purchase and sale of unlicensed firearms by private individuals. Although dealers have restrictions to follow under the law, it is perfectly legal for an individual to bypass all of that. Many of them who argue that this is “their right” under the Second Amendment, should also realize that “their right” means that irresponsible individuals have “that same right.” That is why no amount of legislated restrictions on dealers will stem the tide of weapons being bought and sold among “irresponsible” individuals unless those same laws apply to private sales of firearms.

In a desperate attempt to keep the spotlight off the gun community, there is a movement to place the burden of American security on the mental health industry. But any competent health care worker will tell you that there is NO WAY a health care professional can predict if anyone will become a mass killer. Unfortunately, the ONLY way to make ANY legislation effective is to “register” ALL firearms... just like all automobiles. But many gun owners believe this is the first step in “the government confiscating their firearms.” First of all, I have not seen (maybe someone can show me) a clip of either Obama or Clinton advocating “confiscating firearms from Americans” or even “repealing the Second Amendment” (although politicians, preachers, and commentators repeat it as fact). What I have seen are several clips of each one advocating “common sense gun restrictions.” As a gun owner myself, I will say it again, “If responsible gun owners do not police themselves, the government will eventually do it for them.”

Bill E. Hedrick

Kilgore, Texas

Kilgore News Herald


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