Praise for retired educator

Dear Editor,

Would you please allow me to praise the accomplishment of a fellow retired educator?

G. Robert Smith retired last year and has since had two novels published. I recently had the pleasure of receiving permission from Carrie Custer, librarian of the Lillie Russell Memorial Library, to display his novels.

Robert spent 15 years teaching English and theater, and 15 years as an educational specialist at the Region VII Center.

I enjoyed reading “Common Tinder Uncommon Fire'' and “The Love Song of Lilly Bliss Walker,'' two wonderful, intriguing and engaging novels with a Christian message. Robert is presently writing his third novel and a children's book with sketch artwork drawn by his pastor brother. My artist wife Marsha is water coloring the humorous sketches.

Busy Robert also writes “Buddy Notes,'' a conversation with his fictional grandson. He encourages and invited me (another retired theater director/writer) to co-write a blog “ (OCAIM) which “celebrates the old, the arcane and the under-appreciated art of aging.'' His premise (and mine) with the blog, assuming people read, listen and respond is that we should have fun and not another job.

Some Buddy Notes are on the blog, and so far I have written – and Robert recorded – Chats with Chatty Jaycee, which features the voices of Atalie and Amy Thompson. Check it out.

Continue to visit our Lillie Russell Memorial Library. It is a busy, relaxing venue for reading and computer work.

Wayne Innerarity


Vote YES for LISD bond

Dear Editor,

Vote YES!

Please join me in voting YES for our school district's proposed bond. According to the Texas Education Agency, Lindale ISD is the only “A'' rated school district in Smith County.

Our district holds back-to-back Class 5A UIL Academic State Championships. The Pride of Lindale band recently earned its 44th consecutive first division rating at the UIL Marching Contest. Our students continue to dominate in these areas as well as in debate, theater, athletics and FFA.

Our students are succeeding inside and outside the classroom.

As a school of champions our high school students need more space and improved facilities. They are walking in extremely overcrowded halls and eating in a cafeteria that is much too small.

They are practicing sports, cheer and dance before the sun rises or late into the evening because our gymnasiums will not accommodate all of the teams and organizations.

They are missing much needed marching practice because rainy weather will damage expensive instruments. Our students work very hard but even champions need some help.

Let's help our kids by voting YES on Nov. 6.

This bond will give our 20-plus year old high school campus more classrooms and a larger cafeteria. It will give new spaces and improvements to our extra-curricular facilities. It will improve outdates safety/security features on many of our campuses.

And all of this will be done with a tax rate impact of just 4 cents when we vote YES to the bond. This means the taxes on the average Lindale home valued at $170,456 will increase only $4.85 per month.

Lindale ISD Board of Trustees is the 2018 Regional School Board of the Year and one of the reasons it received this award is its commitment to responsibly managing our district's finances.

They have shown this by dropping our I&S tax rate 9.5 cents during the past six years. Also, the board has been able to put $4 million toward this project so the tax rate can remain low. And it is promising that our school board will be able to lower the 4 cent increase after just two years.

I trust our board members, school administrators, faculty and staff to continue to manage our money and facilities well. They, along with our students, parents and community, are the reason the Lindale Eagles continue to soar!

Be part of the success by voting YES during early voting or on Nov. 6.

Heidi Staton Dudley

Lindale High School Class of 1990

Kilgore News Herald


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