Letter to the Editor:

The late Ralph Hall, who died last month, represented Kilgore and East Texas for twenty-two years in the U. S. House of Representatives. Kilgore could not have been better served. Regardless of party affiliation or geographic location he dedicated his life's work to both the rural environs of East Texas and the burgeoning metroplex of his Rockwall hometown.

In tribute to Representative Hall, the Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation reminds citizens of Kilgore about the many ways his friendship and support benefitted us. KHPF is indebted to Congressman Hall for his quiet influence on the national level.

When the post office murals were in jeopardy of leaving Kilgore, he intervened with federal officials. With his help the murals stayed in Kilgore, on loan to KHPF for temporary display at the East Texas Oil Museum, and the historic post office building remained in the public realm. Through KHPF's efforts, the artwork has recently been reinstalled in the building for public viewing and enjoyment. Congressman Hall was instrumental in making that happen.

He helped re-establish the Kilgore derrick skyline. Representative Hall assisted in obtaining permission from the Union Pacific Railroad to allow derricks to be installed along their Commerce Street right-of-way. Today twenty-two derricks stand in that location because of his aid.

Representative Hall always came to this part of his district when invited and attended many derrick dedications. He never neglected Kilgore. He and Mary Ellen, his wife of sixty-four years, are recognized with a paver at KHPF's World's Richest Acre Park in downtown Kilgore. It is a small gesture for decades of dedicated service.

It is with enduring appreciation that KHPF asks everyone to remember Congressman Ralph Hall when they enjoy the murals and the derricks that define our town.


Kilgore Historical Preservation

Foundation Past Presidents

Sue Brown

Amanda Nobles

Tom Brown

Dear Editor,

I believe that numerous Texans in the Kilgore area will be interested in having the following address:

“Beto for America Campaign

P.O. Box 3628

El Paso, TX 79923

I know that I was very glad to get it, especiall since he is a Texan, and he is “Pro-Education, which I know that we need very badly.

Thanks sincerely,

Jon Gatlin

Kilgore News Herald


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