A Facebook “friend of mine recently posted the following: “The sooner Americans admit to themselves that Democrats are Communists, the sooner we can get on with repairing the damage they've done! He further commented, “If a person votes Democrat, they are collaborating to commit treason! Obviously, he had no idea that this life-long Republican switched parties a few years ago and such hateful and divisive rhetoric was one of my many reasons for switching.

My response to this “friend was as follows: “You should know that I voted Republican all my adult life and have always considered myself to be Conservative... until the last few years. As a Political Science major, I tend to look beyond the obvious and question things that most people take at face value. I also served in the military to preserve the rights of all Americans... not just those who agree with my political views. One thing I truly believe is that, as long as both extremes keep fighting, nothing will ever get accomplished except dividing our nation even more. So, I'm not sure I'm the type of person you may want as your friend.

I've refrained from using Facebook as a political platform. The truth is that there is NOTHING you can say, regardless of which side you are on, that will sway the other side. The only purpose it serves is to further divide our nation. As long as both extremes (far right and far left) dig in their heels and demand “my way or the highway, we will continue on a destructive path. In reality, unless BOTH sides agree to a compromise, nothing good can happen. Compromise means that neither side will get everything they want but it also means that neither side gets nothing. AMERICA WILL NEVER BE GREAT AGAIN.... until we can BRING AMERICANS TOGETHER AGAIN.

Bill E. Hedrick

Kilgore, Texas

Kilgore News Herald


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