All hope resides in Him

Dear Editor,

“I have come as a light into the world that whoever believes in Me should not abide in darkness.‘

--John 12:46

Here we are, back on the “holiday highway.‘ Christmas is always Dec. 25 and this year that is a Monday. We now find ourselves on a “super highway.‘ Gift cards and cash are the standbys of the senior set. Young parents are more pressured to provide the “latest hot item‘ that their children yearn for and expect to be delivered.

We are prodded to give generously to each and every request from all the agencies that help those in need, and sometimes feel depressed that we cannot give to all and provide more.

Will the Christmas greeting cards get out on time? Will the mailed presents arrive in one piece? We had turkey for Thanksgiving – do we want it again for Christmas? Decorate, shop, bake, wrap, clean, polish, etc., etc.

And so it goes.

Our preoccupation with preparing for this huge holiday seems superficial compared to the disturbances in the rest of the world. Granted, not all of the rest of the world is Christian. But, they are fellow human beings and a vital part of God‘s creation. Are we to treat them less? Are we to love them less? Are we to discriminate against them because their beliefs are different than ours?

I don‘t believe God does. He just wants them to see His light and then come to Him in praise and thanksgiving when their journey ends.

Our holiday “super highway‘ has many on and off ramps. There will be celebrations and disappointments. There will be laughter and tears. There will be wishes fulfilled and realizations that some wishes will never come to fruition.

Amidst it all shines the Light of the World. His light and presence abides no matter what time or place of our lives. We must make and take the time to celebrate the birth of our Risen Savior, to praise His name with song and rejoicing and to let His name be known through all the earth.

Watch for Him, fell His presence and know His love.

After all, what hope would we have without Him?

Wishing you are joyful, peaceful Christmas filled with love.

Sharon Rohrbough,


Favorite Christmas

Dear Editor,

The merriest Christmas I‘ve had was when my family went to our cabin on Bull Creek just outside of Corrigan.

We got up early Christmas to open presents around the tree. In the wood heater was a roaring fire, which gave the cabin a very warm feeling.

Samantha, our little white and black terrier, ran over to see what was going on around the tree. Santa had left her a very special present – a tube of tennis balls.

Christmas dinner was enjoyed by all. The family being together is very special.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018 to all!

Bobby Walston,


Kilgore News Herald


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