“I‘m just glad I could help.”

It‘s a quote I‘ve heard several times over the past couple of days as the media talks to those who are using their fishing or duck hunting boats to rescue people from homes and roadways in southeast Texas. The flood waters rise, torrential rains continue and so many find themselves stranded. 

While first responders are out in droves doing all they can, it is so wonderful to see civilians out playing a huge role in the continuing rescue of thousands.

These are the people I call Texans!

They are not mugging for the cameras, not covering their faces as they defile and destroy public and private property. The men and women who are soaking wet, risking their lives to help others, those are my Texans!

Do you see these heroes checking to see if those they are pulling into their boats have their immigration papers in order? Are they asking what religion they practice? If that person struggling to get out of the water and into the safety of the flat-bottom boat doesn‘t have the same color skin as the boat operator you don‘t see him being pushed back down into the water.

These are my Texans!

This war with the weather is nowhere near over. Harvey will continue to reek havoc through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and likely beyond for the next several days. Once the rains stop, the water begins to recede, there will be messes to clean up like we have never seen before. Who will be there still saying they were just glad they could be of help? My Texans!

God please grant them all safety as they help their fellow man. May we all be willing to help in any way we can. 

Suzanne Loudamy

Whitehouse, Texas

Kilgore News Herald


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