Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Have you ever come home in mid-day and found your driveway full of cars and workmen? I had just finished a workout at our excellent East Texas Treatment Center, and as I drove up to my house, passing a crowd of cars as I turned into my driveway, I noticed my mailbox – large, on an iron stand, depicting a cowboy. As I stared more closely, I noticed tire marks in my yard and the mailbox pulled up slightly, out of the ground. A workman had probably pulled into the wrong driveway and struck it accidentally while backing out. My heart sank: Mack and I were so proud of that mailbox as it was a special Christmas gift from our son, Ronnee.

“What am I going to do? I circled around my block, passing the home of my dear neighbor, Dale Hedrick, to ask if he had seen anyone crash into my mailbox. “No, he said, following me back to my driveway along with another neighbor, Eddie Adamson. They examined the damage as I went into the house to rest.

After about an hour, I decided I needed to take a closer look at the damaged mailbox: lo and behold, there it was in its regular place in the ground, whole again.

I checked to see if it was stable: yes it was after the two men had carefully removed the legs, repaired and re-attached them. They'd taken it to Dale's garage, and he and Eddie went to work to rescue this old woman. I'd had no idea who to call for the repairs, and didn't need to – those two young men did a perfect job! I was so proud of them for what they had done for me and said, “Now that is what you call a good neighbor.

Up and down the street, I've decided I have the best neighbors in town: some have rescued my tractor off stumps, repaired my broken water lines, fixed my sprinklers, swept my walk, even brought me a pie. My cup runneth over.

Such nice, helpful friends make my life so much easier and happier: they make my neighborhood the best in town. Thank you all for all you've graciously done to help me. I hope everyone in Kilgore will show the same kindness to their neighbors.


Jean Laird

Kilgore News Herald


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