Dear Editor,

“Who am I that a King would bleed and die for? Who am I that He would pray ‘not my will Thine for?‘ The answer I may never know, why He ever loved me so. That to an old rugged cross He‘d go, for who I?‘

…Song lyrics by Rusty Goodman


He died for you and me! Isn‘t that amazing and, to some, quite unbelievable: to have the faith that He KNEW us personally over 2000 years ago and LOVED us so much that He would give His life willingly for us. Incomprehensible!! Unless you have FAITH and BELIEVE.

Voltaire stated, “Faith is believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.‘ Julius Charles Hare stated, “A faith that sets bounds to itself, that will believe so much and no more, that will trust so far and no further, is none.‘

In this season when we celebrate Jesus death and resurrection, what is your belief? Can we open our hearts and minds enough to let ourselves be loved that much? Would we be able to “lay down our life for a friend?‘ –John 10:14-16

The Easter season is so much more than a celebration of spring with baskets of eggs, bunnies and chocolate candy, so much more than gatherings of family for dinner. It can be so much more if we reflect on His sacrifice – KNOWING and FEELING in our hearts His love for us – and sharing that love with everyone we meet.

May your Easter season and beyond accept and revel in His love and caring.

Sharon Rohrbough


Kilgore News Herald


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