History shows us that when an entity refuses to regulate itself to the point where innocent people are victimized and/or discriminated against, the people will eventually demand that someone (the government) step in on their behalf. Let that sink in. The gun lobby in America has resisted attempts to regulate that industry, convincing many gun owners that any regulation is a violation of their Second Amendment rights. The “smart” thing to do would be for the gun industry to initiate realistic and common sense regulations (themselves) while they are still in the driver’s seat rather than fighting outside attempts to regulate them. This might just mean a nationwide registration of firearms and strict regulations about private citizens selling firearms and bypassing background checks that dealers must do as a matter of law. So keep spreading idiotic tales of how the German people laid down their arms so Hitler could take over and how Australians can no longer hunt kangaroos because the government took away their guns. Keep on making embarrassing analogies about how many people are killed by baseball bats and how they aren’t outlawing baseball. Such fools are their own worst enemy. When the people have had enough, the government will step in, like it or not.

                Bill E. Hedrick

                Kilgore, TX


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