Dear Patients and Friends,

I have decided to semi-retire and leave my full time orthopaedic practice. This has been a difficult decision for me. However, this will allow me to pursue more medical mission work serving those in need in other countries.

It has been a great honor and joy serving you, my neighbors, friends, and family for the past 23 years. I have been humbled by the trust you have placed in me to care for you orthopaedic needs. I could have never done this myself and give all the credit to the Lord. I will continue to pray for you, my patients and friends, and for your health.


            Michael D. Langford M.D.


The state should sue the company operating the truck that damaged the bridge for the costs of replacing the bridge and the driver should lose their CDL.  The bridge ramps are still operable, so a steel truss bridge could be fabricated (with an over-the-road height of 17’ instead of 16’) off-site and dropped into place with little disruption to LOCAL traffic. A  steel truss bridge would be aesthetically similar to steel derricks that are already all over town, including at the corner of Houston and 259.  In addition,  NO through-traffic tractor trailer vehicles should be allowed in town......they should use the bypass. Write hefty tickets to those that dis-obey and off-set the incurred costs of reconstruction with the generated revenue. Just sayin’.


            Michael W. Atkins

Just saw the approved artwork for this “Family” event and as a man with a daughter and a granddaughter, I find this completely embarrassing and off-putting.

What a total embarrassment for our town.  What a dismal example to set for our young ladies to imitate,  at the same time objectifying women for all men to ogle at.

But I guess since it’s only cartoon pornography it’s harmless and worthy of high praise. I’m sure it will be on the “Welcome to Kilgore” billboard next.

                Chris Shafer

                Kilgore, TX



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