I pray all of you at the “KNH” are having a blessed day. I would first like to thank all those who voted to stop another drain on the shrinking income of Texas citizens. Having our incomes taxed once by the Federal government and then again by the state seems to support the saying “How much money did you make, OK THEN SEND IT.” Socialist will want to advocate that this money is needed for programs to help enable those who are already draining our existing programs and do nothing to put back. Well, let’s do this, make “ALL” jobs from the CEO down to those just learning, pay the SAME , because all workers no matter their knowledge of the job, their ability to learn more about the next higher level, honesty, ambition, and plain ole “want to” are the same. This way we can do away with specialized medicine, one type Doctor for all (excluding government officials),there will be one type construction worker ( no special welders ,carpenters, bricklayers, equipment operators , masonry workers , electricians or steel workers) , one type mechanic (no matter the job) , truckdrivers (no special licenses or tests). just hop in and drive. I quit here because Mr. Draper I can’t print the rest of the specialized jobs and fields like teaching, oilfield related, car/truck builders, aviation, babysitting the list goes on. As you know we just honored our Veterans on their special day, as we should do. These men and women constitute the BLOOD and Tears through their bravery and never quit attitude, that built this country. Yet, they seem to be considered less than those that have come here skirting our laws; when it comes to heath care, housing and plain “OLE RESPECT”. I would like to close by thanking “ALL THE PRAYER WARRIORS OF THIS WONDERFUL TOWN AND STATE”, who have and are praying for my “BIG BOY”.

JESUS, hears your prayers!!! Please, while in your quite time with JESUS pray for our country, our elderly, our discarded children, our homeless, our CHURCHES , all those who volunteer their time and money to help those in need no matter who they are or where the need occurs, and our VETS, especially those who GAVE their lives for our FREEDOM.

Stupidity is to laugh at the misfortune of others. Ignorance is to think it is all right.

— Kit “POPS” Laird


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