The Save Chick-Filet-Act

First let me start wit this: Bill of Rights

Amendment 1 -  Congress shall make no law for the establishment of religion -   meaning there will be NO GOVERNMENT FORCED RELIGION , therefore prohibiting any  RULING CLASS/PARTY/MONARCHY  to be able to PERCUCUTE  those who do not agree!

Or prohibiting the FREE EXERCISE thereof- thus letting Protestant Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist , Confucius, Yen-Yang even Reverend Joy’s Church of The What’s Happening Now , to  freely meet . I am sure I missed some.

Or abridging the freedom of speech , or of the press or the right of people PEACEABLY to assemble -  This is a good one, therefore the spoken word, written word, personal gestures; as in assembling, donating to, agreeing with , or not agreeing with any cause, law, government action, slip of the tongue, direct or accidental,  should not be judged or punished . (I’m sure there’s more)

Unless they belong to a certain religion (Christian), ethnic group (pick one), political affiliation (whoever is on the Demo’s list today) , corporation (Chick Filet) lobbyist group ( was BIG OIL , then PIPELINES, SPORTS TEAM NAMES,NRA,RIGHT TO LIFE,POLICE etc.).  Please be assured that no animals, trees, reptiles, amoebas dirt mites, birds , plants,  insects , amphibians were harmed in the writing of this. (OH, what about the ink, paper and the energy to power things that comes from dead dinosaurs.  Dirt is probably the only thing not harmed)  

        May the LORD BLESS and watch over us ALL

        Kit “POPS” Laird


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