Dear Editor,

Recently you published a story regarding a budget workshop by our city council. The tone and tenor of the story was “We’ve got all this extra money. How can we spend it?” How about rescinding the two ad valorem tax increases that were imposed in recent years.

I’ve lived in the Kilgore area for 55 years. This is the most profligate spend-thrift city government in my memory.

I’ve driven by the dog park on Houston Street and have never seen a dog in it. I drive everyday past the parking areas for the walking trail that cost thousands of dollars. Based on the number of cars in the parking lot, I would estimate that less than 0.5% of the people in Kilgore use the trail. But we all pay for it.

There is a big need for housing in Kilgore. We own two tracts of vacant land in town. City ordinances are so restrictive, we can’t afford to build anything on them.

City government needs a new sense of fiscal responsibility.

    Thanks for letting me express my views,

    Charles Whiteside, Ph. D



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