Affordable health care is a subject I’ve been researching extensively for nearly 20 years and has nothing to do with my political affiliation. Personally, I believe that “access to affordable health care” should be a basic human right in America. I’m NOT advocating that it be “free” but rather everyone is taxed according to their income level and everyone has equal access to care (much the same way Medicare is funded and administered). Our current system of profit-driven, insurance-based health care no longer is fair because healthy people with money have a distinct advantage over sick people with little money. Although Medicaid helps protect the very poor, millions of middle income Americans cannot afford the insurance, much less the care itself. The Affordable Care Act (there is no such legislation as “Obamacare” by the way) was an attempt to “keep the current system but make it more affordable to all” and was never intended to be a “socialized medicine” replacement as was widely publicized by the opposition. What puzzles me is that we have a system in America for senior citizens like me that is administered by the government and funded by tax dollars (like other so-called “socialized medicine” in other countries) that Americans DO LIKE yet they do not believe that system should be available for the rest of American. We can never “make America great again” as long as we only care about ourselves. In other words, “It’s not a problem if it does not affect me.”

                Bill E. Hedrick

                Kilgore, Texas


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