I read The Kilgore News Herald article: “Out-of-district fees may defray emergency expense” (July 6 issue). This seems reasonable when Kilgore fire units or emergency personnel are called to scenes say, at Interstate I-20 which may be outside the city-limits. Such expenses may be small by themselves, yet over the course of a year, really nick the city’s budget.   I think it is appropriate for the City of Kilgore to impose a fee towards INSURED policyholders of cars, structures, buildings, etc which may be affected by tragic incidents.  However,I’d treat individuals slightly differently.  If, say, an innocent bystander has a heart attack while walking a county road or a pregnant mother is suddenly in labor at a gasoline-station; or a wayward cow or bull gets loose out of its fence,  I don’t think everyone should be nickel-and-dimed, yet the big-ticket response costs should be compensated. It is fitting to ‘bill’ insurance companies, yet, I’d hope that allowances would be made for individuals. I’m  supportive of the City of Kilgore recouping some of its costs. However, it may be a realistic goal to get at least a good fraction recovered by those with insurance-policies covering emergency-response. In other cases, with individuals, I still believe in the Good Samaritan principle that the City have at little “contingency funds”. Not everybody has insurance.


                James A. Marples,

                Longview, Texas


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