“May the Fourth be with you.”

– Geeks, today


IT was a sad day for the “Star Wars” community this week as we said ‘goodbye’ to a towering star, the man who toward Chewbacca into a geek icon, Peter Mayhew.


ON that note, Geekend returns May 11-12, this year at the Texas Broadcast Museum. There’s a ranging slate of guests – voice actors, cos-players, authors, artists and more – including one of Kilgore’s own, Bucky VanDoren, pursuing his acting career in Georgia

LOOK for more details in Wednesday’s edition.

TUESDAY will find Kilgore Historic Preservation Foundation hosting an open house in the Old Post Office, welcoming donors, supporters and members from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. with refreshments. It will include the presentation of another derrick award as visitors step back into the past under the newly-returned New Deal murals by painter Xavier Gonzalez.

KUDOS and ‘Thank You’ to the emergency responders who put their lives on the line once again Thursday, saving four people who ran afoul of floodwaters.

MORE sad news Friday as Kilgore College’s highway-spanning pedestrian bridge is slated for demolition this weekend. It will be a rapid project, per Texas Department of Transportation, which will see Hwy. 259 re-opened early next week.

WEATHER watchers, assemble – we have a handful of locals who keep an eye out on rainfall totals, and we’re eager to hear from more. The more data we have, the better we can cover storms that hit the community. Call the newsroom at 903-984-2593 to get on the roster.

Facts matter.


May 4: Wesley Bradford, Larry Harvey, Norma Cleary, Walt Brasher, Lelia VanMeter, Jay Bryner, Mrs. Billy Sherrod, Mrs. J.B. Hughey, Joyce Ann Jackson, Ashton Faulkner, Destiny Trotty

May 5: Kay Charchio, Allison Tanner, Janice Thurston, Cerica Cannon, Julia Ann Pierce, James Bell, Shelia Eberli, Gail Hargrave, Mariel Harvey, David Jones, Wendy Eberli, Luke Williams, Toni Sinclair Thompson, Dori Griffin, Heinz Anders, Chase Jordan Vinson, Dennis Reese II, Ja’mya Murphy, Cord Carr, Donald Thompson

May 6: J. Mitchell, Jimmy Culp, Frances Garrett, Mrs. W.P. Donnelly, Sylvia Clark, Debbie Lloyd, Debbie Norris, Sandra Downs, Pam Holcombe, Helen Palmer, Joshua Palmer, Vickie Briggs

May 7: Al Grush, Joel Charchio, Mrs. M.T. Jones, Claudette Breaux, Annette Rhodes, Rayfee Williams Jr., Kelly Summy, Patricia Sheffield Clayton, Christi Henley, Stan Jones, Jack Anderson, Barbara Wheeler, Annette Echols, Robert Partain, Hubert C. Smith, Kendall Bell, Isaiah Smith, Katlyn Robertson, John Kirkpatrick, Melanie McKnight


May 4: Mr. and Mrs. James Rex Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. W. McInvale, Dr. and Mrs. W.M. Hendrie, Wayne and Nell Easley-Golden

May 5: Moris and Alma Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Nix, Mr. and Mrs. David White

May 6: Barbara and Sylvester Conrad    

May 7: Mr. and Mrs. W.C. McCollum


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