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Linda Ballard

THE sun will surely shine upon the faces of the women at Son Shine Lighthouse as the Billy Moore Correctional Center is hosting an on-site fundraiser and making a cash donation to the women's shelter to help with their cost of living.

“As a prison, we are constantly fighting the stereotype portrayed on television and movies, says Alana Evans, executive secretary at the facility. “In an effort to change this stereotype we strive to help out those in need from our surrounding communities with quarterly cash donations and fundraisers. Billy Moore Correctional Center, as a facility, makes a cash donation and the employees donate the fundraiser from a list provided from

the women's center.

“Son Shine Lighthouse is a non-profit organization that houses women and their children who are trying to get out of an abusive situation. Some of these residents have to leave their homes with only the clothes on their backs. We are trying to give back to the local communities in an effort to change the way we are perceived.

Correctional center Senior Warden David Hudson came up with the idea for the benefit.

“Our maintenance department helped them last year with a new door for a lot less than one would have cost if purchased from a store. Our maintenance staff installed the door and it looks wonderful. Once Warden Hudson saw that they really needed the help, he was hooked.

More donations will be coming in soon, Evans said.

“They have been just wonderful supplying food from their garden and many other things, praised Debra Crawford, Director of Son Shine Lighthouse. “Our center has maintenance needs that women can't always handle. It is nice to have someone to call upon for that help.

Donations from Billy Moore Correctional Facility will be presented on June 28. If you would like to make a donation or get a list of needs please call Crawford at Son Shine Lighthouse. She can be reached at 903-895-4577.

“IT WASN'T just a little trip and it was a good one, laughed Jeanie Thompson. She and her husband, Frank, first headed to Austin to pick up

daughter Jennifer and son-in-law Mike Ross with 5-month-old Ailise Ross. They headed to Albuquerque, New Mexico, then Flagstaff, Arizona, taking in the sights and touring the Grand Canyon.

“From the Grand Canyon we went up through Utah, Idaho, into Oregon, said Jeanie. “We drove along the Columbia River to the Washington state line but turned back south to Yachats, Oregon. Oregon is such a beautiful state with the coast on one side, national parks and the mountains.

“At Yachats, we had a Waller family reunion. My brother David Waller and wife Loraine cooked for us each night and I did get to see other family members not often seen.

No, she laughs, no one spotted Sasquatch, but others have claimed Bigfoot sightings in the area.

“We took the southern route coming back through California and found the grape vineyards, almond and huge groves of olive trees interesting, said Jeanie. “From there we cut through to the Mojave desert and stopped at a gas station to get out. When we opened the door to the vehicle we had to catch our breath – it was 115 degrees. We saw cars broken down everywhere along that route from overheating and I just prayed we would get out of there safe.

“We made it home a lot faster than going. We just ran out of time. I saw enough country to know where I want to go back and where I don't. And Ailise was absolutely the best at being good for riding so far although we did sing ‘I Got You Babe' when she would get tired.

Frank summed the trip up in a nutshell with a big smile on his face he said, “It was an adventure!

GRANDPARENTS CORNER: “We just got back from Destin, Florida, says Hazel Johnson. “My daughter, Teresa Packer, my husband Bob and I flew out to see her son, Dustin, and his wife, Christine. He is leaving the Navy after almost 20 years to pursue his education at Harvard! We are so proud of him.

“He flies jets and had just returned from Australia when we got there. He is now going to take his wife on a fun trip through Europe before starting Harvard. Dustin has mixed feelings about leaving the Navy, but said once he made the decision to jump at the opportunity of more education, he was happy.

The couple has found an apartment within walking distance of the university, she added.

“The beach at Destin is so beautiful with white sand and emerald green water. We sat out on the beach and watched the people playing in the sand and sailboats on the water. It was so nice, I told Teresa we had to come back again soon.

May His Love and Laughter Fill Your Hearts and Your Homes Throughout the Week. We may be reached at chitchatlinda@aol.com or 903-984-2593.

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