“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.'

– Eleanor Roosevelt

THURSDAY dawned with horror for many hard-working people in this community. We're grateful to print there were no injuries reported following that terrible storm, and we're grateful for those who sprang into action, instantly, to help friends, neighbors and strangers as the recovery began.


“IT'S amazing how our community's coming together, Kilgore City Manager Josh Selleck says, as companies like KK Mobbs Construction lent employees, equipment and time – voluntary, donated without hesitation – to assist official crews in clean-up efforts. “There were other companies like that as well. I wish I had a list of everybody that's come in to assist, just to say ‘Thank you.' It was all hands on deck yesterday. Neighbors helping neighbors was really moving to see. It doesn't surprise me, but it always warms my heart when I see how Kilgore responds.

GOOD news out of Austin: legislators' response to Wednesday's testimony on House Bill 684 – Sam's Law – was ‘encouraging,' according to those who spoke on the measure. Rep. Travis Clardy (sponsoring the House bill while Sen. Bryan Hughes pushes the same in the Senate) is confident it will move forward, an initiative to train educators to help students suffering from epileptic episodes, named in honor of Kilgore High School's Samantha Watkins, who died in December 2016 after suffering similar symptoms.

WE'RE encouraged and hopeful the bill will become law to help save lives in years ahead.

FOR what it's worth, wish your friends a happy ‘St. Paddy's Day'. We were once scolded (but, fortunately, not pinched) after we committed the grievous error of referencing ‘St. Patty' instead.

YOU'VE been warned.


March 16: Mace Tennison, Jerry Wayne Lambert, Judy Ferguson, Lester Fields Jr., Kenta Bell, Carrie Tackett, Sidney Rides, Brila Dudley, Bill Wilson, Gage Alec Armstrong, EmiLee MacAnn McKinley, Hunter, Schochler, Jack Lloyd Bolding, Elizabeth Leak

March 17: Jamie Maldonado, David Jones, Mrs. Calmora Sanders, John Robertson, Misty Hawkins, Deborah Rhoton, Cindy McIntosh, Mrs. Lois Cook, Patricia Peterson, Ray Nell Avant, Jo Ella Williams Jones, Emily Jade Brown

March 18: Eleanor Reddic, Anita Hunter, Mrs. W.L. Earley, Adam Keith Knight, Douglas Mount, Donna Gill, Sheila Clayton, Chris Rossum, Stella McIlveene, Logan Horne Jr., John Dustin Ammons, Joe G. Sanders, Jackson Brady Traywick, Brandon Yates

March 19: Lauren Halbert, Camile Clark, Ruby Lee Robertson, Molly Smith, Carl Till, Karen Wade, Byron Pace, Gary Blanks, Bebe Jo Stone, Mike Joseph, Johnny Jackson, Neda Owens, Tatiana Alexis Loredo, Betty Ready


March 16: Leo and Evelyn Warlick

March 17: Tony and Pennie Lloyd, Carl and Wanda Polanka

Kilgore News Herald


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