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Linda Ballard

Thanksgiving is a time of gathering of good friends and family, making new memories and more importantly sharing old memories.

“I have been surrounded by good looking men all of my life and wouldn't have it any other way, she said with a sweet smile on her face and a twinkle and her eye. And with the beauty she still possesses at the age of ninety-five, it would be hard to dispute the statement. None-the-less it is her personality that catches your attention first and foremost.

Dorothy Carroll Huberman was born in Sulphur, Oklahoma on Feb. 7, 1923 to Faye and Jody Carroll. When she was 14, they moved to Kilgore and she attended school here.

Dorothy became a first class welder having been taught by an uncle.

“You know what the other students were saying about him being my welder teacher? They all thought he would just pass me no matter what, said Dorothy. “Let me tell you, he tore my rear end up making me earn every bit of that first class welding degree, she said. “And I mean he didn't slack up one bit. I had to prove I was worth it.

She went to work as a welder at the Houston Ship Channel during WWII. She speaks of how sad she felt for the sailors when they launched a new ship, because she knew some of them would not come home. It was then she also became a pin-up girl, but head shots only.

“I had an older sister that was much prettier than me, insisted Dorothy. “Lenora was very, very, tiny, though. But, she was beautiful. I loved her dearly, but, God must have loved her more. He took her home at an early age, said Dorothy.

Her first husband was Robert “Bob Evans. He was a ventriloquist and his dummy's name was Jerry O'Leary. They lived in Chicago at the height of his career. On January 16, 1949 he appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show twice with Rudy Vallee, Nanette Fabray and Jean Carroll. Bob and “Jerry sang “I'm Going to Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter. He became a mentor to Jimmy Nelson, another ventriloquist/performer and every time Bob appeared in Chicago, Jimmy was there in the front row watching the performance.

She believed the reason he wanted to marry her was while dancing with her the first time, she had the nerve to tell him he was wearing the wrong kind of shoes. He thought she was spunky and feisty.

Bob was killed in an automobile accident in 1950. Dorothy moved to Dallas where she worked. She met and married an architect who had two daughters that Dorothy helped to raise. The marriage lasted until 1961. While still in Dallas, she met and married Bob Huberman. He worked as a Loomis Armored Car Guard and driver. He brought her back to Kilgore and they bought their first home in 1969. He died in 2004.

“Oh, she is still feisty and plenty spunky, said her daughter Eileen Wade. “And she is quite a story teller. I am partial, I think my mom was prettier than her sister and still is, she said lovingly. “As kids, we went to Kilgore every Thanksgiving (during the time she was married to my dad) and had a huge Thanksgiving with her mother and step-dad, Harold Forrester. Her sister, Lenora was there with her husband and whatever cousins could come down from Oklahoma. I just remember we ate very, very well.

“My life has not been all good, but, for the most part it has been fun, said Dorothy. “And I am surrounded by people who love me. What more could I ask for? she asked happily. She is still a beauty inside and out.

CONGRATULATIONS to Bobbie Hurley-Guinn who has been named CEO of Arpco Valves & Controls. The announcement was made Thursday, November 15 during the Kilgore Chamber of Commerce Morning Brew. Co-owner Gary Turner made the announcement via a video presentation to Arpco employees and fellow business owners and representatives. To make the announcement official, he donned a party hat and blew a party horn then immediately apologized for being near the Midland area working with another business. Bobbie had not been allowed to view the video beforehand.

“This is very humbling, said Bobbie. “Only 6 per cent of women in the industry that make it to CEO level, she said. “You will be seeing more changes to Arpco in the near future, so stay tuned.

Gary has also been named Chief Revenue Officer and Chairman of the Board. Arpco Valves & Controls is a leader in the oil and gas surface safety systems. Their corporate office is in Kilgore.

MAY HIS LOVE AND LAUGHTER Fill Your Hearts and Your Homes This Week. May your thanksgiving be bountiful all year long. In the meantime, we may be reached at chitchatlinda@aol.com or 903-984-2593.

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