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Members of the 79th line of Rangerettes, the current sophomores, were photographed here recently by Angela Aulds. The newest group of Rangerettes won’t perform at halftimes this fall, because football and fall sports have been moved to spring. But Rangerettes Director Dana Blair says her girls will be ready for whatever performances the school year brings.

Normally at this time of year, the new line of Kilgore College Rangerettes would have just been announced, and the preparation would soon begin on performances for an upcoming football season.

But the season has been moved to spring – in fact, all junior college sports have been moved to spring, except some practices and scrimmages – and the Rangerettes suddenly have a lot of time on their hands.

Well, not really.

Longtime Rangerettes Director Dana Blair spoke to the News Herald on Thursday evening about the unknown – in fact, more than one unknown. The first thing is actually having Rangerettes on campus.

“Right now, we’re learning if the girls are all going to move back into their residence (on campus),” Blair said. “We’ve been told they will be open. But in order for us to do anything, I have to have them on campus, living in that residence. There are a lot of classes online, but obviously, we can’t do Rangerettes online.

“We may have to practice in smaller groups,” she noted, due to coronavirus cautionary measures. “But we’re planning for the girls to be back, and practicing for any and all things that come our way.”

Blair said for the time being, the Rangerettes will focus on preparing for their Christmas spectacular, leaving the Rangerette Revels in the spring. Now there will be the added pressure of having football halftime shows in the spring, starting in late March. Blair said that if that’s the only way to play a football season, postponing it to spring, that she’s very much in favor of it and is thankful, and hopeful, that it will be played.

But it’s nothing her girls can’t handle, Blair assured.

“We’ll be pretty much practicing for both (halftime and Revels),” she said. “But as far as this time, we won’t be rushed. We don’t have it all worked out, but more than anything, we would love for them to have as normal of a year as possible. We’re proceeding like there will be a Christmas show.”

Blair said there might be an outside possibility that the Christmas show would be performed at Dodson Auditorium as always, but streamed online. She made clear that everything is speculation at this point.

“We’re not certain really what it’s going to look like,” she said. “But we plan to be ready for it, and to have the show.”

The Christmas show was held last December, not long before the virus began shutting things down overseas, and then ultimately here. Basketball season was completed, but then things began shutting down, including KC’s softball season and, unfortunately, Revels – and none of it was rescheduled.

This year, the Rangerettes are celebrating their 80th anniversary, specifically Sept. 12. And while there may or may not not be an international trip on hand anytime in the near future, such as last year’s Thanksgiving-week trip to England, there’s sure to be opportunities for the public to watch the iconic team perform at various times this year.


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