The Kilgore City Council and Kilgore Police Department honored two police officers, each marking 15 years of service to the department, at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Sgt. Vance Callahan started his law enforcement career in Gladewater and joined KPD in 2006. He worked in patrol, was promoted to corporal and then promoted to the rank of sergeant in 2010. He has also served as a detective.

A Kilgore native, Sgt. Callahan was recently named KPD Supervisor of the Year, an award he has earned multiple times. He lives in Kilgore with his wife Kim. He is well-known and well-loved in the community for his many charitable activities, including leading an effort to raise money for the needs of a Kilgore High School student suffering from cancer, as well as being one of the biggest supporters of KPD’s annual Christmas toy drive, which brings holiday cheer and presents to local children and charitable organizations.

Sgt. Joey Chitwood, also a Kilgore native, joined KPD in 2006 and has served in patrol, as a school resource officer, as a task force officer with the DEA and also as a SWAT team member. He lives in Kilgore with his wife Delina and their three children Blade, Merit and Steel.

Sgts. Callahan and Chitwood were congratulated and applauded by city council and those in attendance as KPD Chief Todd Hunter listed their accomplishments.

“It’s a great time for me to be able to stand up here and talk to you about our staff,” Hunter said.

“To tell you how about how great they are, how they serve our community, what roles they have. There are a lot of things that you don’t see, that occur in the background, but they happen every day. That’s what makes our city what it is. It’s not just the police department, it’s everything that comes together that really molds us and makes us special. Thank you very much for your service, for your 15 years, thank you so much.”

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