Sabine High School students recently won multiple victories, including first-place medals and sweepstakes awards, at UIL competitions and at the Texas Math and Science Coaches Association State Championship Meet in San Antonio.

SHS math teacher and academic competition coach Keith Taylor commented on the achievements of the students, which include winning sweepstakes at TMSCA for the fourth year in a row.

“These students spend significantly more time than what people might imagine preparing for these events. It takes more than ‘being smart at math or science,’” Taylor said.

Students are expected to work with each other and their coaches to direct their study and fully prepare themselves for the rigors of competition.

“They have to dive deep into the material, look for trends, derive formulas, predict what is coming next.”

Taylor added teamwork is critical to the students’ success, and this is part of the secret to their continued winning streak at state meets.

“The most enjoyable thing to me, is that they have to rely on each other to get better. They have learned that they will not reach their potential without helping others and accepting help from others.”

Sabine High students also know they are part of a winning tradition, Taylor noted, as the students who have come before them have won first-place finishes and sweepstakes awards at competitions for years.

“My upperclassmen generally develop into good leaders, encouraging the younger ones, teaching them, and demonstrating what it takes to be really successful. There is also an expectation passed from one group to the next that says that we expect you to keep up the tradition of winning. This pushes the kids to give that extra effort.”

SHS students took First Place Team in each of the following categories at TMSCA competition: Number Sense, Calculator, Math and Science. They also won multiple first place victories at UIL competition including math, science, writing, public speaking and more.

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