The city of Kilgore is planning a Tired of Tires event next Saturday on Highway 31, at the old Kilgore Tire Center warehouse. Residents of the city can bring tires to have them disposed of. (Photo by MITCH LUCAS)

You know you have one.

You might even have two or three.

They’re mosquito traps. They’re eyesores. And unless you’re an aspiring quarterback to hang one from a rope to throw a football through, or unless you’ve got a hankerin’ for a swing, they’re just plain… well, uncool.

We’re talking about old tires. And man, do they get in the way, don’t they?

The city of Kilgore has a solution for you.

Next Saturday, July 18, you can get rid of those old tires. Kilgore Code Enforcement is partnering with the Kilgore Tire Center to host a “Tired of Tires” tire give back event from 8 a.m. to about 5 p.m. next Saturday Bring your tires to the old Kilgore Tire Center warehouse, at 2700 E. Texas Highway 31.

Justin Windham, Kilgore’s city code enforcement officer, said that the event was organized thanks to grant money from the East Texas Council of Governments.

“What we are trying to do is handle as many tires as we can from as many people as we can during that time period,”

Windham said.

He explained that the Code Enforcement department is able to help clean up a wide range of debris around the city, with the only exception being tires.

Windham said that community members usually have to

pay a fee to a company to take and break down the tires, since they can’t be processed in a landfill.

“During this event, any individual can drop off as many tires as they have, and the city

will pay the fee to have them quartered,” he said.

Windham said that this event helps to clean up Kilgore by offering community members a free way to get rid of trash they usually have no means to dispose of.

He added that getting rid of tires help to prevent mosquito growth in the area, since tires hold water and are known as hot beds for mosquito population growth.

The event is only for individuals, because the program wouldn’t be able to take on large numbers of tires from local companies. Windham said that the maximum for an individual will be about 20 tires, but if someone has slightly more than that they won’t prevent them from dropping the tires off.

“We hope to make this an annual event, and hopefully we will be able to offer this service every year,” Windham said.


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