Kilgore High School students got their moment in the spotlight Saturday as they strutted their stuff on the Dodson Auditorium stage.

The 19th annual KHS ‘A Touch of Fame and Fashion‘ style and talent show and beauty and handsome presentation, sponsored by the KHS Anchor Club and Reflector yearbook staff, returned to the stage Feb. 3.

After the students hit the town in last year‘s “City Lights” show, this year‘s theme “This is Me” was inspired by the Academy Award-nominated movie “The Greatest Showman.”

“The theme of this year‘s show, ‘This is Me,‘ came about because everyone had different ideas about what music to use for the show and even about what to call the show. After some yearbook staff members saw the move ‘The Greatest Showman‘ and heard the song ‘This is Me,‘ they decided that was perfect,” emcee and KHS Principal Charles Presley said. “We are all unique and special. Entertainment takes many forms, whether it be beauty, talent or style. In this show and in life it is important to find your true self to be able to succeed. Everyone at KHS is an important part of the show.”

Eight businesses provided the outfits showcased during the evening‘s style show, which KHS alumni Lindsay Dick, Alicia Lee Nolte and Susan Reinbach began 19 years ago.

Continuing with a change that began last year, there were no superlative “Most Beautiful” or “Most Handsome” recognitions following the beauty and handsome presentations.

The show also included vocal performances from Jordan Butts, Vanessa Zarazua, Braeland Williams, Lexus Harrington and Kieran Rider. The duo of Butts and Kourtney Ford presented a dance, as did the KHS Dance Technique Class.

The boutiques providing this year‘s clothing were Kilgore businesses Calamity Jane‘s War Bag, Everything that Blings MLS Boutique, Longview shops Emily Rae‘s, KRUSH, That Girl‘s Boutique, The Tuxedo Company and Tyler location Tux and Prom at 101.

Kilgore News Herald


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