While it’s almost certain to change in the hours following this edition of the News Herald, the city of Kilgore offered its most recent COVID-19 virus update late Wednesday evening.

According to the city, seven additional cases of the virus have been reported, bringing the county to 54 in the city (49 in the Gregg County portion, five in the Rusk County portion). In all likelihood, another update will come before the next print edition of the News Herald – see that online at kilgorenewsherald.com, and on the News Herald’s Facebook page.

Just this week, city officials have entered into a partnership with CHRISTUS Good Shepherd for free testing for Kilgore residents at a mobile command unit out in front of CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Emergency Center on Highway 259, as reported in Wednesday’s edition.

The mobile screening will be conducted on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m., and on Thursdays from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. there at the emergency center at 1612 S. Henderson Boulevard (or 259 South). No appointment is necessary for this, and the screening is free to Kilgore residents. For non-residents of Kilgore, the screening is $60, or can be filed on insurance.

As a whole, according to M. Roberts Media reports, Gregg County added 40 new cases on Thursday and recognized 12 recoveries. There are 981 cumulative cases in the county, according to Health Administrator A.J. Harris, in talking with M. Roberts Media.

Harris said 4,532 tests have been administered in Gregg County, and that 3,392 have been negative, with 159 results pending. They recognize 238 recoveries and 16 deaths.

In all, according to the M. Roberts Media report, there are 173 cases in Rusk County, up nine from the last reporting period, and there have been three deaths.

The Texas Tribune reported Friday that in the state, 3,561 people have died of coronavirus, and almost 20 percent of those were reported last week. As of Thursday, 10,457 people in Texas were in the hospital for the virus and 10,291 new cases were reported.

The first case of the virus was reported in Fort Bend County on March 4 – that patient had recently traveled abroad, it was noted in the Tribune. By April 4, there were 6,110 cases in 151 counties and as of Thursday, there are 292,656 cases in 249 counties.


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