Kilgore ISD trustees met in closed session briefly at their Monday meeting to privately discuss the re-organization of the Board of Trustees before returning to open session to make nominations and hold votes.

The re-organization came as trustee Trey Hattaway announced his departure from the board. Hattaway was voted Gregg County District Clerk in January of this year but has maintained his presence on the board until the close of the 2019-2020 school year.

Following their return to open session, trustee Alan Clark nominated current board president Reggie Henson for another year as president of the board throughout the 2020-2021 school year. Henson, trustee from Place 4 and owner of E Tex Gasket in Kilgore, was voted president at the last board reorganization, taking over for then-president Dereck Borders.

Clark’s nomination was seconded by trustee Joe Parker and received a unanimous vote by the other trustees with no further discussion.

After the vote for president, trustee Dana Sneed moved to nominated Borders for vice president of the board of trustees, which was seconded by Parker. Clark also received a nomination for the position from trustee Lloyd Vanderwater which was seconded by Henson.

Clark won the vote with four votes from himself, Henson, Vanderwater and newly-inducted trustee Jason Smith while Borders received three votes from Sneed, Parker and himself.

Vanderwater was then nominated to serve as board secretary and received a unanimous vote.

Preceding the votes, trustees welcomed new board member Smith, who joined the board to replace outgoing member Hattaway. Smith was sworn in before the board and received loud applause after completing his oath of office.



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