Rusk County Commissioners’ Court

The Rusk County Commissioners’ Court will host two workshops and a regular meeting Tuesday, July 20 in the Rusk County Courtroom, located on the first floor of the Rusk County courthouse in Henderson.

8 a.m.: Workshop No. 1 Agenda

1. Broadband - Rusty Dorman Eastex Telephone

8:30 a.m.: Workshop No. 2 Agenda

1. Sheriff Valdez budget

2. Road and Bridge Pct. 1, 2, 3 and 4

10 a.m.: Commissioners' Court Agenda

I. Call to order

II. Invocation

III. Pledge of allegiance

IV. Pledge to the Texas flag

1. Discuss and possibly approve budget amendments and/or transfers

2. Approve the July 20, 2021 employee payroll

3. Discuss and possibly approve to advertise for position of fire marshal/EMC

4. Discuss and possibly approve for Pct. 3 Commissioner Greg Gibson to reappoint Gloria Dooley to the Rusk County ESD No. 1 board

5. Discuss and possibly approve for Pct. 4 Commissioner Bennie Whitworth to reappoint James Dukes to the Rusk County ESD No. 1 board

6. Discuss and possibly approve to appoint an officer to calculate the 2021 Rusk County No New Revenue Tax Rate and Voter Approval Tax Rate

7. State that the proposed 2022 Rusk County budget will be filed in the County Clerk's office and posted on the Rusk County website by July 30, 2021 for public inspection

8. Discuss and possibly approve the following monthly reports for June 2021:

a. Justice of the Peace Pct. 4

9. Discuss and possibly approve to extend the referenced oil and gas lease an additional two years with Sabine Oil & Gas

10. Discuss and possibly approve letter to Texas State Comptroller's Office for unclaimed capital credits of electric cooperatives

11. Discuss and possibly approve the hangar lease for Hangar 52 for East Texas Air One, LLC

12. Public comment

13. Approve payment of bills

14. Adjournment

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