GOP party chairs

Gary Nice, left, resigned as chair of the Republican Party of Gregg County after the presidential election, and Brian Bowden took his place this past month.

The Gregg County Republican Party elected a new chair this past month after the previous chair resigned following the presidential election, officials said.

Former chair of the Republican Party of Gregg County Gary Nice resigned citing “personal reasons.”

“After the elections were over in November, I resigned as the county chairman,” Nice said last week. “I got involved to improve the Republican party. We raised more money than we ever have and are more involved than we ever have been, and I was very proud of that.”

Brian Bowden officially took over as the party’s chairman on Dec. 15.

“Gary resigned and then the precinct chairs nominated me to be the chairman to serve out his term,” Bowden said.

He was elected unanimously and will serve out the term through 2022, he said.

“If I chose to run in ‘22, then there will be another two years and we’ll go from there,” Bowden said. “We look forward to bringing the Republican party together in Gregg County.”

Bowden said the party is working on their goals to keep Gregg County red and to work with other county chairs in the state to keep also keep Texas red.

“If anyone wants to be part of the Republican party or wants any information, visit our website or please reach out to me,” Bowden said. “I’ll meet with anybody who wants to.”

The party is looking for precinct chairs and is working to fill committee vacancies.

Gary Nice served as interim after Tracy Vincent resigned in October 2019. According to news reports at the time, Vincent cited growth in his business as well as family health issues as reasons for leaving the post.

Vincent was selected to lead the Gregg County Republican Party in January 2017. Vincent succeeded Tim Vaughn in the position.

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