Regions Bank customers in Kilgore will soon be able to conduct their banking business at an updated, modernized facility on Hwy. 42, according to a press release from a Regions representative.

Jeremy King, Senior Vice President and Public Relations & Publishing Manager for Regions Bank, recently sent out a press release addressing plans for the new facility.

“Regions is developing a more modern and convenient branch for our customers in Kilgore. The result will be a branch that’s built around personalized service from local bankers, while also introducing some new technology designed to make banking easier.

Over the next several months, Regions will reconfigure the facility along Highway 42 that previously housed our local drive-through operations. The interior sections of the facility will be expanded to create a modern branch space, while the drive-through will be updated to offer two new Regions Video Banking ATMs and a third, traditional ATM,” King said in the release.

Additionally, the new branch will offer several conveniences to help customers finish their business more quickly and easily.

“When customers walk into the new branch space, they will no longer have to wait in a teller line. Instead, customers will be greeted personally by local bankers who provide customized service based on individual needs. The branch will also feature ‘instant-issue’ debit cards, eliminating the need to wait for new cards when someone opens an account or needs a replacement.”

The renovated branch will include video banking ATMs in the drive-through lane, allowing customers to use regular ATM service or connect with a Regions Banker via live, two-way video.

Regions Video Bankers will be available on weekdays from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. CT. They will also be available on Saturdays from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Sundays from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. and during most holidays, according to King.

The release states the new branch space is expected to be open by next summer.

“At that point, we will move our branch-banking services from the current branch, which is located just across the parking lot, into the renovated and expanded facility along Hwy. 42,” King said in the release.

Regions Bank has plans to add a temporary ATM to their current Kilgore location to assist customers during the facility transition.

“The branch space we’re developing in Kilgore is designed to offer the best in personal service along with the latest in convenient technology,” said Chad Cargile, Tyler-Longview Market Executive for Regions. “While we continue to invest in online and mobile banking, our customers also prefer to have a local branch staffed by local professionals who can address individual needs and offer customized, face-to-face assistance. This branch will place a premium on that type of service while also providing technology upgrades designed to better meet the needs of today’s customers.”


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