A weekly article that will offer information concerning the Kilgore Fire Department and provide safety tips for home and family.

This week we will discus fire department apparatus that the Kilgore Fire Department operates to educate our citizens in types of apparatus and reasons for use.

We will start off with the typical fire engine.  Kilgore FD has 4 engines with two that are staffed and two in reserve.  A fire engine is a large  motor vehicle that carries firefighters and equipment to a fire and supports extinguishing operations , such as pumping water.  An engine also responds to other incidents such as medical, vehicle collisions, and rescue incidents.  The fire engine carries a supplement of fire hose to attack the fire, hose to lay a supply hose line from a fire hydrant to the engine to carry water, a compliment of ladders, and tools needed for firefighting, medical, and rescue operatons.  It also carries a large volume of water and a pump which offers an attack of a fire prior to hooking up a supply hose line to the fire hydrant.

Another apparatus is a fire truck.  A fire truck actually has a aerial ladder attached to the top of the apparatus.  Kilgore responds with one fire truck which is all known as a Quint FireTruck.  A quintuple combination pumper is a fire apparatus that serves dual purpose of a fire engine and a ladder truck. The term quint refers to the five functions that a quint provides: pump, water tank, fire hose, aerial device, and ground ladders.  It responds to emergencies the same as an engine.

The fire department also responds with three booster trucks for incidents such as grass, brush, and wild land fires.  It is smaller and is mounted on a heavy duty pick-up chasis which makes it lighter and gives it the ability to work off road.  It carries water, hose and equipment for attacking various wild land fires.

At fire station two we maintain a fire tender or tanker which primary purpose is to transport large amounts of water to the fire area to assist in extinguishing operations.  This is mainly used in rural areas where water supply in minimal.

The last vehicle we will discuss is our new Tactical 1 which will go in service on June 1.  Tactical 1 has an ultra high pressure pump which will produce water at a fire that breaks down the water droplets.  By breaking down the droplets of water it covers 10 times the surface area and allows for as least a fifth of the water usage.  Greater surface area means that there is more contact with the fire and more efficient heat absorption.  This new unit will be a quick attack for structure fires with an emphasis on less water damage and quicker extinguishment.

        Stay S.A.F.F.E.,

        Johnny Bellows

        Fire Chief



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