The following information was taken from Kilgore City Manager Josh Selleck’s bi-weekly update for May 1.


■ May 11–14: Kilgore High School senior picture opportunities. Stations will be set up across the lawn and in the gym 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

■ May 12: City council meeting, 5:30 p.m.

■ May 17: City of Kilgore celebrates the KHS class of 2020 with a parade downtown, 2 p.m.

■ May 26: City council meeting, 5:30 p.m.


■ Waterline construction is complete on Crescent Drive and street crew finished temporary asphalt paving over the utility work on Crescent, where rain continued to carve out the backfill, causing an inconvenience to local residents.

■ The upcoming Mill & Overlay project will be rehabbing the entire width of Crescent Drive.

■ Trail clearing is 100% complete and the trail base is about 30 percent complete. All culverts are installed.

■ As of this update, power is still out at the city’s groundwater treatment plant and they have had to begin operations at the surface water treatment plant.

For an update on all projects, please see the City of Kilgore website,

Building D at Meadowbrook has been completed. All stalls have lights and power.

■ Plexiglass shields are being made and placed at the library, Meadowbrook and city hall.

■ The flower beds downtown have been weeded and fungicide has been sprayed.

■ Limb pick-up has begun from storm debris.


■ Both police and fire Departments are continuing with efforts to mitigate the Covid-19 virus safely while still serving the public.

■ The final install of the generator has been completed at Station 2. This will be of great help with the frequent storms and power outages we’ve been experiencing.


■ Visit Kilgore is excited to announce that our new website will be ready to be discovered this weekend. The newly updated website will no doubt be a popular online site both for visitors and locals. It’s simply

■ With Governor Greg Abbott’s news of Phase 1 re-opening beginning May 1, both Kilgore and historic downtown Kilgore retail, restaurants and museums have the option to open while following social distancing guidelines laid out by the State of Texas. Follow your favorite restaurant on social media or become a member of the Facebook group “Kilgore Area Take-Out” for fast information on all of the restaurants.

■ Curbside pickup and delivery will still be an option for anyone who chooses to #supportlocal from home or your workplace.


■ The Planning Department plans on continuing with the special use permit request for the construction of a telecommunications tower on Van Meter Road.

The application is scheduled to be heard at the May 20 planning and zoning meeting and the city council will review the application at the May 26 council meeting.

■ A 15-day notice is going out tomorrow for King’s Trailer Park. We are down to eight occupied trailers. About a dozen families have applied for and received rental refunds

■ Staff met with Popeye’s contractor. Remodel to begin next week with an approximate 60 day turnaround.

■ Comprehensive Plan: Staff has done internal reviews of the Transportation Plan, Downtown Plan, and Comprehensive Plan. However, due to the lack of the Steering Committee being able to meet because of COVID-19, everything is on hold until the group can start meeting again. Freese and Nichols have been keeping in touch with staff and they are ready to continue with everything as soon as city hall is ready.

■ Human Resources has received several applications for the community relations manager, but staff has not begun interviews at this time.


■ The Kilgore Library is working on preparing the building for a limited reopening next week. We are installing plexiglass shields at the reference and circulation areas and have been creating policies and procedures to reopen safely.

Per the 25 percent occupancy rule, we will only be able to allow 14 people in at a time and our public computers and printer will not be available. We are also working on a UV light sanitation area for our returned materials. Thank you to Greg Howell and Danny Downing for helping us out so much in our preparations.


■ City Hall will open on Monday. Citizens will be asked to use the payment drop box, phone or online payment options but the front counter will be available for those who need it. Downing and Landon Ward will be working on improvements and protocols to ensure safe distancing.

Highlight of the Week –Trails Phase II

Clearing for Trail Phase II project is complete and Street Dept. crews are working on base stabilization, culvert installation and other improvements necessary prior to paving. City Council approved the contract for the under-bridge crossing of Dudley Road at the April 28 city council meeting, and that portion of the project should be completed by mid-summer.

This phase of the trail crosses under Dudley and follows Bighead Creek south from the Dudley Trailhead of Creekside Trail, ending at the southern end of the Remington neighborhood. Estimated distance of this phase is 1.51 miles, including the looping of the Meadow adjacent to the Dudley Trailhead.

There will be a limited trailhead at the end of Leach for neighborhood use, but there will be access points along the trail for easy access from other neighborhoods. The trail will consist of eight-feet wide asphalt the same as Phase 1.

However, we plan on partnering with area mountain bike groups to install a series of single track hike and bike trails that will offer access to the more remote portions of the 37 acres of land surrounding the main trail.


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