Overton ISD Superintendent Stephen DuBose announced he will retire from his position after 18 years of service to the district, effective at the end of June 2022.

The Overton ISD Board of Trustees heard and approved DuBose’s resignation at their Monday meeting.

DuBose began working with the district as an assistant coach in 2004, later serving as an athletic director and head football coach until 2013, when the district’s Board of Trustees selected him as their superintendent.

“I’m so happy to be able to retire as an Overton Mustang,” DuBose said in a statement on his retirement. “This is a special place and we plan on remaining in town after retirement. I am pleased to have spent 43 years in the greatest profession in the world — education. I look back at my career and realize how God has blessed me to work with fantastic students, athletes, fellow teachers, coaches, administrators, and board members.”

In previous meetings, DuBose told the board he would retire upon turning 65. Now that day has passed following his birthday in September, the superintendent is remaining true to his word.

“I’m old,” DuBose told the News Herald. “I’ve been in the business for 43 years…. When I told the board, they weren’t surprised.”

As superintendent, DuBose oversaw growth in district employment, salaries and size. He noted the addition of the district’s Career and Technology center, a shared space for local school districts to host collegiate and professional courses, as a great achievement in his career. The center is reopening this semester following renovations to fix damage caused by Winter Storm Uri.

“The center is a dream that the five districts involved have had for a number of years. Seeing it recovering from the storm damage and knowing that our students will be able to get started in college or a career at no cost is just a huge accomplishment for these communities,” DuBose said.

“The future is so exciting for OISD. I’m looking forward to seeing the district continuing to provide a quality education in a loving, family environment while preparing our students for a future in college or a workforce career.”

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