The Kilgore News Herald is launching a new free app for anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet like an iPad. The News Herald is rolling out the app for your phone as part of our expanded news coverage of receiving your news anywhere you go as you wish.

This application on your cell phone is more important than ever, as not only will one tap get you the latest local news, but important information that matters will come to you as a push notification, like a text.

“We will not interrupt you to check your phone to see it will be cloudy today or information on things that do not affect or interest you,” said News Messenger Publisher Jerry Pye. “We have a responsibility right now to let you know developments in East Texas and the nation that affect you.”

You can find the News Herald paper’s app in both the Android and Apple app stores on your phone or tablet. On the top of the app are the latest videos, from news to sports and events.

The latest weather is on the top bar, so you don’t have to click on different apps or go to the internet. The menu on the top left allows you to jump to news, sports, lifestyles, obituaries, opinion, videos and our popular e-Edition.

The e-Edition is a view of the actual newspaper. You can sign up for an account and see the newspaper on your phone, tablet or computer and click on stories if you want to read them like an email.

On the right side at the top is “trending topics” which are the most-read stories by our readers. The download is free.

“More and more, news readers are turning to digital and electronic means of obtaining the latest news. This new app will help KNH deliver the latest local and community news to our readers in a way that is both quick and convenient,” said KNH editor Lucas Strough.


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