2019 has gotten off to a rainy start in East Texas and bad weather is predicted again for this weekend.

Kilgore Police Department shared a Facebook post from the National Weather Service Friday indicating a high chance of severe weather Saturday between 2 a.m. and noon. The report states possible severe weather could include high winds from 60 to 70 mph, quarter to dime-sized hail and a low possibility of tornado activity.

Wet weather has been a common sight in Kilgore since late last year. The National Weather Service station in Shreveport tracks rainfall data for East Texas. Rain measurements are not recorded for Kilgore specifically but are tracked in Tyler and Longview.

Annual average rainfall for Longview is 47.55 inches. 2018 blew this average out of the water with 58.89 inches of rainfall for the year. The total was boosted by an especially wet fall and winter season at the close of 2018. Starting in September, monthly rainfall totals didn't dip below 5 inches until January. October and December both nearly topped nine inches, at 8.94 and 8.99 inches respectively.

February was the wettest month of 2018 with 9.12 inches, five inches over the monthly average of 4.04.

The early months of 2019 aren't quite as hydrated. January 2018 saw 2.75 inches and January 2019 clocked in a bit higher with 3.48. That's a bit higher than the monthly average of 3.32 inches.

February this year is not nearly as saturated. In 2019, the shortest month only saw 2.27 inches of rainfall, 1.77 inches below the average of 4.04.

Only time will tell if 2019 will be a diluvial year like the one that came before.

Kilgore News Herald


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