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It’s the simplest of things that make life beautiful, whether it be watching the sunrise or sunset, listening to the sounds of nature, a child’s laughter, or a touch on the hand. To Native Americans, seeing past the confusion to the simplicity of life is something they grew up being taught a…

I am sure no one has forgotten the awful week of freezing cold weather we experienced this past February. I remember being frustrated about answering the questions about “What was going to die in my landscape?” so many times. The truth was I had no idea.

Kilgore ISD is seeing a drop in possible and confirmed cases of COVID-19 among students, teachers and staff members and will maintain campus policies of social distancing and mask use as the 2020-2021 school year approaches its end, officials said.

Melissa McGinnis describes Geekend as a cross between a traditional comic book convention and a street fair: There are panels and cosplayers, but you’ll also see people like the local quilters and the high school marching band.

A years-long legal battle over the collection of taxes in Kilgore ISD’s tax base may be edging closer to a conclusion, as attorneys representing the plaintiffs in the case have filed a “Motion to Compel” and a request for a status conference with Gregg Co. Court at Law No. 2 Judge Vincent Dulweber.