Many people in East Texas, especially the rural communities, asked why I did not run again for the District 1 Congressman position?

Although my interest has never waned, the district lines for District 1, since 2003, have been gerrymandered, ensuring Mr. Louis Gohmert continuous, uncontested reelection success.

In 2017-2018, wherever invited, I attended every event, debate, fair, church…etc. regardless of party affiliation. Yet, during that entire campaign season, I was never provided the opportunity to openly debate Mr. Gohmert on all issues, local, state, and federal.

Why you might be wondering?

Mr. Gohmert never attended any candidate forums as he knew the approved, district lines ensured his victory, without any effort.

Thus, even though I spoke and wrote openly about the Deep East Texas constituency’s displeasure with Mr. Gohmert’s lack of interest in job growth and other concerns from Angelina, Nacogdoches, and surrounding counties residents, I was never able to state your views directly to Mr. Gohmert, face to face.

Yet, in 2018, Mr. Gohmert contributed to the Tyler areas 9.3% personal income increase, while here in Deep East Texas, we have yet to overcome the net 10000+ job loss under Gohmert’s jurisdiction since 2004.

I am tired of the GOP party, Governor Abbott, Gohmert, and local leaders marginalizing Deep East Texas.

We are NOT your pawns, and we deserve independence, free of influence from other regions of the state.

If the upcoming 2020 Census does not provide autonomy, we will continue to be a marginalized people now and beyond.

— Roshin Rowjee, Kilgore


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