Dear Editor:

While our country debates whether a face mask mandate is social control or not, the ultimate social control is government gerrymandering. I believe gerrymandering is the root of our nation’s polarization and racial discontent.

For us here in East Texas (Lufkin, Nacogdoches), we have endured almost two decades of marginalization due to gerrymandering, redrawn district lines in the early 2000s that took away true representation for us at the federal level. “

All talk” Louie Gohmert has been our Congressman for sixteen years, and the Pineywoods subsequently lost 10000+ jobs and multiple industry closures during his tenure.

With the Covid19 pandemic raging, another aspect of failed representation is evident, specifically, our rural communities do not have broadband internet.

To me, broadband internet is as essential as having running water. Thus, underprivileged communities and rural areas, already susceptible to health illnesses, sustain the burden of risky decisions to open schools amidst rising Coronavirus positivity rates, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Angelina County is in the midst of an uncontrollable community transmission of the Coronavirus. Sixteen years is plenty of time for Gohmert to have addressed this challenge; however, this issue was not priority for him.

Therefore, being counted in the 2020 Census is key to us overcoming past gerrymandering inequalities. Being counted in the Census will essentially change the district lines, allowing our area to be represented by a Congressman who we elect from East Texas, and who once in Washington DC, looks out for our interests.

Roshin Rowjee, Lufkin


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