TPA Awards 1

Kilgore News Herald Office Manager Jalayna Davis, Editor Lucas Strough and Advertising Representative Linda Ballard hold up awards from Texas Press Association at the KNH office. TPA sent KNH staff plaques for their 1st place awards in Headline Writing and Advertising, as well as a plaque for earning 1st place in the sweepstakes category of Divison 5 with 550 points.

Kilgore News Herald took home the top honor at the Texas Press Association Awards ceremony Saturday, Jan. 18, by winning first place in the Sweepstakes category in Division 5 with 550 points. The Panola Watchman in Carthage, another member of the M. Roberts Media family, won second place in this category with 375 points.

KNH took home the following awards:

■ 1st place in Sweepstakes

■ 1st place in Advertising

■ 1st place in Headline Writing

■ 2nd place in Sports Coverage

■ 2nd place in Page Design

■ 2nd place in General Excellence

■ 3rd place in Sports Photo

■ 3rd place in News Writing

■ 4th place in Feature Writing.

“It’s nice to see the peers in our industry recognize the quality of work of our staff for our readers and our advertisers,” said KNH publisher Jerry Pye.

“The awards were indicative of what has been a constant over my time here in the News Herald, what I’ve always seen and that’s a fantastic effort. That hard work was not only on the part of everyone here, but also by (former managing editor) James Draper, who is no longer with the paper, but was a big part of our success for quite some time,” said sports editor Mitch Lucas.

“Lucas Strough, our ad reps Linda Ballard and Carolyn Hadley, and Jalayna Davis are a good team, and even in a busy year, their effort was second to none. We’re proud to be a branch of M. Roberts Media and we’re hoping 2020 will be another blessed year.”

Lucas has been the sports editor of the News Herald since 2002.

Thank you to all of our KNH readers who support our nearly century-old newspaper as we work hard to deliver accurate, honest and up-to-date news from Kilgore and surrounding areas.


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