Kilgore ISD board members announced plans to adopt seizure recognition training protocols and established board committees to tackle important district issues at Monday’s meeting.

House Bill 684, known as “Sam’s Law” in honor of Kilgore student Sam Watkins, was signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott June 11. Watkins died in Dec. 2016 after experiencing a seizure. The law which bears her name will require teachers and nurses in Texas to undergo seizure recognition and response training.

“This will be something that school districts around the state will be required to do for this coming school year but, right now, we don’t know exactly what it is yet. What we do know is that it’s supposed to be an online video that our staff members will be able to watch. We can also hold in-person training,” said superintendent Dr. Andy Baker.

Baker added the training video had not yet been produced. Once it is created, school employees will watch a 20-minute seizure recognition training video annually on the first day of the school year and school nurses will watch a one-time two-and-a-half hour training video.

The board also voted to approve a measure creating three internal sub-committees consisting of three board members each.

Each committee would focus on a particular area of interest and work on issues within the district. The three committees are Community Partnerships, Facilities and Planning and Program Assessment/Educational Advancement.

The committees will engage in fact-finding, deliberation and serve in an advisory capacity to the board in the future.

“I like the committees idea. I think that’s a great idea,” said board member Dereck Borders.

“It’s something we’ve talked about for a long time,” said board president Reggie Henson.


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